Outdoor Lighting Done Right

With the warmer months upon us, our MD Peter Bowles talks tips on using lighting to make the most of your outdoor space: 

“Good exterior lighting will maximise both the features and the function of your outdoor space. A well-thought out mix of task and ambient lighting will make your garden, porch or patio an attractive, inviting space, when viewed from inside and out.”

“Box wall lights or exterior bracket lights flanking the front door create a welcoming first impression. Not only does a well-lit front door look good, it’s also safer and helps you to find your keys. Speaking of safety, path or step lights make dim or steep walkways easier to use. You don’t want to invite friends round for summer drinks and find they take a tumble in your garden!”

Davey Lighting’s extensive collection of traditional ship’s lights, from bulkheads to masthead fittings, pays homage to some of the oldest marine lighting designs in history. Their simple, refined elegance sits beautifully with all styles of exterior architecture and garden design. Stripped back, simple and unpretentious, ship’s lights were designed to withstand extreme conditions, making them particularly suited to our inclement weather.

“Invest in good quality lighting that can withstand the elements. Natural materials such as weathered bronze, copper and brass are low maintenance, age well and weather beautifully. Avoid cheap fittings such as painted metals as they can deteriorate very quickly.”

“There are several variations on ‘weatherproof’. Make sure the IP (‘Ingress Protection’) rating is IP44 or above if lights will be exposed to direct rainfall. If a light is used outdoors, but under a porch, for example, it can be IP43 rated.”

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