Dive into our 3D CAD model library

If you use 3D CAD software, you’ll know the inherent benefits it has to offer – clear visualisation, reduced construction time and improved accuracy. Our complete range of luminaires is now available as 3D CAD files,  allowing you to visualise and demonstrate your designs when using our products. To help support your design work and make visualisation even easier, you can now see which of our lights will create the perfect atmosphere, simply by adding the CAD model and finish texture directly into your virtual space. All of the models are available in three formats (.3ds, .obj and .fbx), enabling you to use them in a wide range of software.

Streamlining process


So, the next time you’re tasked with designing an interior space, you can now model and finish the 3D visualisation faster than ever before. And, whether your vision is best realised with the use of wall lights, recessed lights, table lamps, or a range of other solutions, you can now input products depending on their suitability to your design. Importantly, the editable nature of this approach means you are given the freedom to find the sweet spot between your client’s requirements and your own expert aesthetics.


It couldn’t be easier for you, your clients, and even the contractors. So, start using our 3D CAD models now to save time, money, and resources – all while producing the best possible design outcomes. 

To see which of our lights best meets the needs of your upcoming projects, speak to us today on 0845 094 1858 or visit our website.