Choosing the best lighting solutions

When selecting lights for your home or next design project, be sure to enquire about the materials and production techniques used in the manufacturing process. The reason for this is because many organisations will say their lights are British or made using only the best materials, but sadly this is not the case. Corners will be cut, production costs will be minimised, and ultimately you won’t be receiving the beautiful, hand-crafted light fitting that you initially thought you were. In fact, it’s been known for lighting manufacturers to design their fittings in the UK, before outsourcing mass production to factories in China. So, to ensure you receive the high-quality and aesthetically appealing lights that your home or design project deserves, here are a few considerations to keep in mind…



When you’re looking for the best lighting, don’t settle for anything else. Be sure that the products you choose are created using the best materials such as bone china, mouth-blown glass, and hand-formed metals etc. Equally, ask the manufacturer about the source of their materials, because lights assembled in Britain using imported components are not the same as ‘British’ lights.

Production process


In today’s modern world, rapid mass production is the go-to move for many organisations, but does it create the ‘best’ products? Not necessarily. When choosing lights made of the finest materials, it’s important to seek organisations that place their trust in lifelong artisans. These specialists will use their skills and knowledge to craft the finest products and highlight the true beauty of the materials.


Supply chain


When manufacturers source their materials from one country, assemble products in another, and then ship the units to your local high street, you can rest assured that there’s a myriad of opportunities for problems to arise. When the process goes well, there’s no need to fret. However, any hiccup whatsoever and the time frames you are working to could be compromised. When organisations base their entire operation (from design to retail) in the UK, not only are the potential problems reduced, but should they arise, they can be rectified rapidly.  

Bespoke lighting solutions


Businesses with only a few craftsmen and a reliance on outsourced manufacturing processes are limited in the variety of bespoke products they can offer their customers. If they do manage to provide unique solutions, the timescales needed to design, build, and ship the products can be lengthy. For British organisations though, they have the freedom to create an array of bespoke products, and also make adjustments and changes ad hoc. This means that not only will you get the lights you want, but you’ll also be able to get them in the timeframes you need them.


At Original BTC, our lights are designed, manufactured, and created locally using the skills of highly experienced craftsmen, so we’ll always be able to offer the products you need for your home or design project. To see our range of exclusively British-made lighting solutions, call us today on 0845 094 1858 or visit our website.