Bulkhead lights – the what, why, and where

Initially used to light passageways and compartments deep within the hulls of ships and vessels, bulkhead lights needed to be rugged, watertight, and functional. Now, although modern homes have much less chance of sinking than their water-based counterparts, the beauty and practicality of bulkhead lights means they are finding their way ashore and becoming increasingly popular in interior design and decoration projects.

Aesthetic attributes


The appeal of bulkhead lights typically comes from their nautical yet very robust appearance. At Original BTC, our range of bulkhead lights are generally die-cast in materials such as brass or aluminium, with clear prismatic glass or frosted glass diffusers. Our chrome-plated Yacht Brass Bulkhead Light (among others) also features wing-nut fastenings to further emphasis the industrial appearance and create an aesthetically pleasing outcome. One thing that hasn’t changed since the days of being ‘below deck’ is that the bulkhead lights created in our factories are still fully capable of handling tough environments and remaining resistant to water. 

Indoors or outdoors


Due to their resistance to water and tarnishing, our bulkhead lights are ideal for locations where moisture may be present - such as outdoors or in bathrooms. In an outdoor setting, these lights help create a warm and inviting appeal, especially when used on the exterior of unique properties such as barn conversations. When used indoors, bulkheads can help complete the on-trend nautical theme in bathrooms. In either setting, the longevity of both the design and components means that these lights will continue to be a feature in any home for years to come.


See them in action


With the popularity of our bulkhead lights continually growing, they now feature in a variety of notable projects and locations. A great example of this execution is at Millard & Flo in Cornwall. Founded in 2011 by lighting designer, Chris Millard, and interior designer, Flo Millard, their services include bespoke lighting design schemes and detailed furniture specifications for both large renovations and new-build residences. To provide a warm welcome to guests, visitors, and clients who visit the Millard & Flo offices, two Yacht brass bulkhead lights take pride of place on either side of the front entrance.

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