Brass and Anthracite: The Ideal Combination

Whether you’re longing for something sleek and polished or prefer a more tactile weathered look, brass is a hugely versatile material. Having recently exceeded copper as the metal a la mode, a touch of brass could help to elevate any interior.

Set in Stone

It’s time to move away from the gentle swirl of marble that populated last season’s designs, to something with a little more edge. Anthracite, also known as black diamond, is a carbon stone with a metallic sheen. Featuring this, alongside an element of brass creates even more of a statement; their contrasting qualities provide visual interest that instantly draws your eyes across the room.

Our Globe Pendant Light features smoky, anthracite-coloured glass in a smooth cylindrical shade. This is perfectly offset with a weathered-brass ceiling rose and creates an enchantingly dark statement piece. Ideal for illuminating the dining room table or casting its glow in an entranceway, this light is a timeless feature.

Rich Jewel Tones

Pairing brass with darker hues such as emerald green, navy and burgundy creates a cocooning effect and cosy ambiance. We’ve seen these deep muted tones gaining traction over the year and with winter just around the corner, have reached their peak. Filling the room with different textures adds a sense of luxury, and plush velvets are an ideal match for brass.

Traditionally Serene

Brass has an undeniable class and whether it’s the statement piece or simply lifting the décor through smaller accents, it truly builds a sense of luxe. Featuring this traditional metal alongside more neutral wall and fabric colours only emphasises its beauty. Muted hues with red or yellow undertones will help highlight the natural sheen of the brass and add a warmer ambience - perfect for the cooler months of the year. 

Inside, Outside

Not just a metal for the inside the home, brass can also set the tone before your visitors are through the front door. Handcrafted pieces such as our Ship’s Well Light and Square Pendant are weatherproof and can illuminate the entrance to any house. The polished brass of the Ship’s Well Light has a nautical charm and looks great against a dark or brightly painted front door, while the weathered brass encasing our Square Pendant has an enigmatic air.

Made to Last

Unlike other trends, brass isn’t something that will fade over time – it’s an alluring metallic that will endure far into the future. Each of our brass lights and fixtures are made with incredible care by craftsmen and women who know how to manipulate the raw material and reveal its potential beauty. 

To discover the best brass and anthracite lighting options for you, speak to us today on 0845 094 1858 or visit our website.